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flexible, yet simple

Consumers are modernizing and so should businesses. To accurately deal with the digital world, it is important to upgrade your internal & external business functionalities. Shreejee Software development services enable you to beat your competition and lead your industrial market with scalable software solutions.
Our streamlined process of software development helps us in understanding your business better and ultimately delivering a digital miracle.

  • Custom Database
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Survey your Work
  • Project Line Management
  • Task Management
  • Generate Daily Working Reports
  • Make Project Estimates


Helping your business to reach more hands

We are developing Mobile Applications for B2C & B2B platforms that rightly address the needs of client organizations. Our app development team is experienced in developing digital technologies for multiple industries on Android, iOS, hybrid as well as cross-platforms. We have a well-researched understanding of market requirements and consumer behavior.
This helps us in designing a quality application beyond the business’s expectations. For every single feature and every single page, we make sure that it undergoes stringent A/B testing before it is released out of our hands. This is why our apps have an extremely lower bug identification and higher performance rate.

  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • React Native Development
  • Flutter Development

lead Management

Expanding your business presence online

A website is not just a landing page, it is the online impression of your business brand. This is why our innovative web developers and creative designers are tending to experiment and create exclusive web applications which generate recall value amongst visitors.
Your business website should be able to yield you higher returns and improved turnover efficiency. Keeping in mind your business industry, we deliver a secured, scalable, robust, and yet unique web product that helps you in generating enhanced ROI through expansion of roots in target markets.

  • Supports High-Quality Photos
  • Professional Survey Report
  • End-to-End Data Management
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Customisation Available

Boonos Exchange

Highlighting your brand with uniqueness

From basic brochures and pamphlet designing to digital graphics, and UI/UX designing, we are proficient and creative in every aspect. We help you to establish a recognizable image and impression, online and offline, through creative designs and branding.
We believe that every business delivers something unique and their brand recognition value shall meet those standards which help them become identifiable amongst their target market. This is why our designers are adamant about crafting designs from scratch which are specific to the client’s brand value.

  • Dynamic Prices
  • Digital Menu on LED Screens
  • Interactive Mobile App
  • Fixed Deposit of Liquor
  • Captain App for Waiting Staff
  • Inventory Assisstant
  • POS Integration
  • Native POS
  • Customisation Available

Book Dispatch

Taking your business to right audience

  • Escalated Growth with Abbreviated troubles
  • Inventory Segregation with Unique Book ID Management
  • Know what’s 'Going Out'
  • Keep a record of 'Stock Ins'
  • Powerful Reporting Tools
  • Customized for your Needs


Optimised Solution to suit your business functionalities

  • CreateAccounts, Groups & Heads
  • Request & Approval Management
  • Inbuilt Loan Form & EMI Calculator
  • Security Value Management
  • Repayment & Collection Tracking
  • Generate Reports
  • Bad – Debts Classification
  • Customisation Available

Currency Exchange

Taking your business to right audience

  • The Best Foreign Exchange Web Application & Mobile Application
  • Real-Time Exchange Rates
  • Quick Sign-in / Sign-up
  • Secured Money Transfer at Fingertips
  • History & Records
  • Customisation Available